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"Friendly people...bountiful gardens...private pond and beach... an easy going atmosphere to explore a clothes free experience at your own pace...right here in southeast Wisconsin!

On May 2, 2012, I, along with my friends Mike and Barb, went to visit Toadally Natural Garden. We were blessed with warm and sunny weather so we spent most of our stay sitting by the pond on the grounds. It was so nice to be able to spend time while nude with friends while listening to the birds, frogs, etc. by the pond. It is a blessing to have nudist opportunities in Southeastern Wisconsin. I encourage other nudists in the area to look into visiting Toadally Natural Garden.


This wonderful farm has some of the best views in the southern parts of WI. For those who wish to tent camp over night, you will be greeted by the new day's sun rise and end with the most wonderful sun sets. Being far removed from city light; the night sky will enchant your dreams. Paul and Jane are very sincere, country folks who love life and wish to share with everyone their quest for life. Mere words are not able to begin to describe the down home feelings one will have here. Just check it out for yourself and you see what we mean.

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