2019 Calendar


March 1- April 30   NEW OPPORTUNITY- Sunbathing Out Behind

                   The Barn. Weather Permitting. Requires all applicable forms,

                        background check and day or seasonal access fee.

04/14/19   Spring Bowling at Dave's Lanes 10:30am to 2:30pm

                           218 North Main Street, Hartford WI 53027. 262-673-5172

                       Includes 3 games of bowling, shoes, drinks and food. $25 per

                       person cash or good check before the event. $30 per person

                       on line or at the door.

04/21/19   Adopt-A-Highway -10am

05/01/19   Grounds Access Opens

05/04/19   World Naked Garden Day

06/08/19   Spring Bazaar-10am to 3pm (Homemade, Holistic

                                                                    and Organic Items)

06/23/19   Adopt-A-Highway -10am

07/06/19   CLOSED for Private Party

07/8 to15  Nude Recreation Week "Relax Naturally"

07/13/19   Annual Potluck Picnic - (Hawaiin theme) volleyball and games

                     Dinner-5pm, Dj 6pm -11pm, Fireworks 9:30pm, bring towels, chairs, food

                 for lunch, drinks and a dish to pass for dinner. $20 per person

08/13/19   Naturist Womens Workshop 1pm-3pm

Sept.        New Member Seasonal Access Promotion.

09/14/19   Naturist Womens Workshop 1pm-3pm

09/22/19   Adopt-A-Highway -10am

09/28/19   Wine Tasting 3pm-4pm

09/30/19   Last Day of Season and Grounds Access

10/01/19   New Season Begins

                 Seasonal Access New or Renewal Fees Accepted.

                 Grounds Access Closed until May 1, 2020

10/19/19   Naturist Women's Workshop off grounds, $10

11/02/19   Halloween Party 7pm-11pm $20 single, $30 couple

                    RSVP - advance payment

11/10/19   Fall Bowling at Dave's Lanes 10:30AM - 2:30PM

                      218 North Main Street, Hartford, WI 53027 262-673-5172

                      Includes 3 games of bowling, shoes, food and drinks.

                      $30 per person before the event or $35 per person

                      on line or at the door.