2020 Calendar


January 26- Sunday- Winter Bowling In the Buff *Dave's Lane

March 1 to April 30 – Sunbathing Behind The Barn * weather permitting

April    5–Sunday- Spring Bowling In the Buff  *Dave's Lanes

         19- Sunday- Adopt-A-Highway *10am

May    1- Friday-Grounds Opens ***Volleyball-Saturdays 1pm

                                                    ***CLOSED 7/4 and 9/12***

           2-Saturday-World Naked Garden Day

           3-Sunday-Women’s Enrichment Workshop *1pm -3pm 

         30-Saturday-Drum Circle *sundown to 11pm *tentative

         31-Sunday-Nature Walk *1pm

June   7-Sunday-Women’s Enrichment Workshop *1pm -3pm 

         13-Saturday-Spring Bazaar *10am to 3pm *FREE Admission

         27-Saturday-Drum Circle *sundown to 11pm *tentative

         28-Sunday-Adopt-A-Highway *10am

                            -Nature Walk *1pm

July    4-Saturday-CLOSED for Private Party

           5-Sunday-Women’s Enrichment Workshop *1pm - 3pm 

        11-Saturday-Annual Picnic-Flaming Art Festival

        25-Saturday-Drum Circle *sundown to 11pm *tentative

        26-Sunday-Nature Walk *1pm

Aug   2-Sunday-Women’s Enrichment Workshop *1pm -3pm 

        29-Saturday-Drum Circle *sundown to 11pm *tentative

        30-Sunday-Nature Walk *1pm

Sept  6-Sunday-Adopt-A-Highway

                          -Women’s Enrichment Workshop *1pm – 3pm 

         12-Saturday-CLOSED for Private Party

         26-Saturday-Drum Circle *sundown to 11pm *tentative

                                 Harvest Festival *4pm

         27-Sunday-Nature Walk *1pm

         30-Wednesday-End of Season

Oct    1-Thursday-2021 Season Begins      


Nov     8-Sunday-Fall Bowling In The Buff   *Dave's Lanes