2019 Fees Have Increased: Returning seasonal guests may sign up by May 31st to keep your old rate.


Overnight Stay: Requires a background and room availability check prior to makeing a reservation. *No refunds for persons trying to forgo a known criminal, sexual or disorderly conduct record.


Call to schedule your FREE tour.                                          Check room availability before booking an overnight stay.  Passing background check before gaining entry required.

Welcome to Toadally Natural Garden.

Toadally Natural Garden (TNG) is about respect of earth, each other... and body acceptance...just being free in the sun... when Wisconsin weather permits.


*NO: Swinging, Swapping, Cheating, Disorderly or Overt Sexual Conduct all state and local laws apply.


We're just minutes from Fond du Lac, Milwaukee and Madison in the rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine.


             *naturist retreat       *farm setting         *secluded             


           * scenic               *walking trails               *sand volleyball court  


                *spring fed pond with a sand beach       * fire pit


       *sun bathing           * produce          *outdoor showers                *restrooms


Our Products & Services

Start here in our house garden. We grow more than veggies. Ask us about flowers and herbs.

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