Terms and Conditions 

1. Singles may be subject to quota limits.

2. Donations includes use of pond, beach, volleyball area, trails, portable toilets and outdoor shower.

3. You will not hold us legally responsible for any injury and/or death.

4. You must submit and pass a background check.

5. You must provide a copy of your drivers license of other legal document.

6. Common sense rule applies to all, if complaints are received the offender(s) will be confronted and an outcome will be determined based on offense.

7. No more than 2 weekends per season Reserved for Textile Only Use. Check Web Callendar or Call.

8. All Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicides, Miticides must be approved before use.

9. Please help us maintain an organic standard.

10. Donations and or plantings are non-refundable. All patrons will practice carry in, carry out rule, unless otherwise noted...Please recycle and keep our Earth green!